The following are a small selection of testimonials from customers who have tried ‘Hold Up Body Adhesive’. If you have any questions on how you can use this amazing body adhesive glue to keep your clothing in place all day, please contact us at service@bodyglue.com.au

“I wear stockings from the time I get up until the time I go to bed. By mid-morning they start to roll down and I get very frustrated. This is the first time I tried “HOLD UP” and I am sold. What a relief and it feels so natural.”
“Super easy to use and IT WORKS! After using the stockings, it washes right off with no effort. It just dissolves. Great product!”

“Hold Up Body Adhesive is all that it claims to be. I am having vein surgery and am required to wear thigh highs most of the time. Before I discovered HOLD UP my thigh highs would start out at the top but before long would begin sliding down my leg and after repeated tries to keep them up I was about to say forget it and discontinue my needed treatment.

Just roll it on (it’s like a roll on deodorant) and attach the top of the thigh high. It doesn’t move all day long and I work from 9:30am to 8 pm. It would last even longer and the only way that it does come off is for me to wet a wash cloth with warm water and dampen the top of the thigh high.

It comes off easily. I would recommend this product to anyone that needs to have stockings or even socks to stay up. It definitely is amazing..”

“Hold Up works great for me. I wear 30-40mm Hg thigh-high compression hose all day long and they stay in place thanks to Hold Up . However, I do like to go for long walks and I noticed that my hose would often fall down during the walk. So I started applying another coat of Hold Up just prior to any strenuous activity and now my hose stay in place. I also like how Hold Up washes off with water and leaves no residue.”
“This is a great product to use. Got it for my husband and it does its job. He loves it. I also use it to keep my bra straps from sliding down and for tops that won’t stay on the shoulder.”
“I’m thrilled with” HOLD UP” Body Adhesive. First of all, it works. My thigh high stockings stay up, even during Pilates and Yoga. Second of all, it does not contain latex, to which I am violently allergic. It’s also inexpensive and each bottle lasts for months. It is also easy to wash off.”
“Great service, thank you. Bought initially for holding my daughter’s dance costumes in place, but have since found it great also for preventing my knee-hi stockings from slipping down!”
“In the dance world this is a must to have in your dance bag. Really keeps your dress, jewellery and whatever right in place. Items can be removed without hurting and will wash off with water. Best invention ever for people who dance. Would recommend to anyone.”
“I have tried Hold Up Body Adhesive before and loved it, but was unable to find it for about a year. I found it on the internet and ordered some. Love it. You do not need the messy tape that does not stay or the strap holders that are hard to put on and are uncomfortable.Hold Up stays on while golfing, gardening, swimming, and will wash off with ease. I have even given a bottle to my daughter in law and she also loves it. Be sure to order extra for your gym bag, beach bag, and even your golf bag.”
“This glue is fabulous for much more than just holding up socks. It holds down shirts, holds the neckline, it even helps with child’s dance line outfits. I wouldn’t be without it!”

“I ordered this product for the dancers in our spring dance concert for their leotards and dance trunks. After one use, every single one of them was swearing by this product and in love. Even after reapplying for costume changes for subsequent dances, it held.

Some of the dancers expressed concern since they have sensitive skin and were worried about breaking out in a rash, but this never happened. I will definitely be buying this product again!”

“I use this product because I have rounded shoulders and straps do not stay up – bras, slips or camisoles. But they sure do if I use this product! It is wonderful to finally not have to lift straps off my arms all day long or to buy bras that cross over the shoulders but show with the cut of many blouses, dresses and shirts.”
A. Martin

“My daughter and I cosplay (dress in costume as anime and video game characters) at weekend anime conventions. So many of the Japanese characters wear thigh high tights. At my first convention, I’d walk a few minutes and then have to stop to pull up the thigh highs. Pretty annoying! And a baggy thigh high, not pretty. So I tried Hold Up Body Adhesive when I wore my Miku Hatsune cosplay, and it was amazing!

I could go all day without my tights ever slipping. I did need to reapply before the evening activities, but other than that, I never had to think about my tights the entire weekend! Even through 3 hours of dancing, they never slipped!

The stuff rolls on easily (fold down the top of the thigh high, roll the stuff on your skin, then carefully fold it back up and press onto the skin). It can be sticky if you get it on your hands or someplace you don’t want it, but just use a baby wipe and it comes right off. Highly recommend!”
Lil Mama

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