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Keep your socks & costume in place during your entire performance.

Whether you have been preparing for an Irish Feis festival or a modern dance performance, after countless hours of training, stress and preparation, don’t let a simple costume issue take the spotlight during your routine and steal away your attention and focus.

Start and finish your performance with confidence even during the most active of dance routines by using the strongest sock glue on the market that is also gentle on your skin and completely water soluble.

Irish Dancers White Socks

The Simple Solution

Hold Up Body Adhesive is an amazing body glue that provides a quick, clean and reliable solution to clothing slipping and creeping.

Easy to Apply

Simply apply a small amount of the body glue to your skin using the convenient roll-on applicator, wait a minute and then press the clothing onto the glue to have a firm but flexible hold.

Gentle Even on Sensitive Skin

Unlike most tapes and other skin adhesive products, Hold Up Body Adhesive is hypo-allergenic, completely water soluble and contains no latex so it works without irritation even on children’s or sensitive skin.

Unhindered Movement

As it is a glue and not a fixed and hard tape, your clothes stick and stay in place, while also moving with your body during your show, providing you unhindered movement even during intense activity.

Irish Dancer Socks
Irish Dancers

Quick and Simple to Remove

Once you wish to remove the adhered clothing, simply pull the clothing off your skin without the pain, gummy residue, loss of hair or skin welts that come with some of the harsh body tapes. Then just wipe your skin with a damp cloth or a wet hand to remove the glue.

The glue does not stain your clothing and as it is water soluble it completely dissolves in the wash without affecting your (often very costly) dress or dance costume.

High Quality Production

Hold Up Body Adhesive is manufactured and bottled in the United States to the highest quality standards and has been used for years across America by both professional and beginner dance troupes and modelling groups.

So Many Uses!

Hold Up Body Adhesive is ideal for:

  • Dance Socks
  • Stockings
  • Leotards
  • Dance Trunks
  • Dress & Bra Straps
  • Swimsuits
  • Jewellery
  • Tops & Blouses

And Much More! Get Yours Today.

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