Defy Gravity All Day Long!

Remove the constant adjustment from your day and keep your clothing where you want them.

Are you choosing clothes and accessories based on how much ongoing upkeep they will take during the day, instead of what looks and makes you feel the best?

Are you spending your day being dragged down by sagging knee high socks, slipping bra & dress straps, stockings that require constant adjustment, or shirts and v-neck tops that are showing more than you intended?

Would you like your fashion choices to enhance your day, instead of being a constant distraction and annoyance?

Dress with shoestring straps

The Quick & Effective Solution

Hold Up Body Adhesive is a quick, clean and effective body glue that keeps your clothing and accessories where you want them to be all day.

Simple to Apply

Simply apply a small amount of the body glue onto your skin using the helpful roll-on applicator, and press the clothing onto your skin to make a firm but gentle bond that will hold all day even if you are on the move.

Once you wish to remove the product, just pull the garment off and wipe the skin with a damp cloth or a wet hand. As the glue dissolves in water, there are no sticky residues, smells or marks left on your skin, and no staining or damage to your clothing.

Made for Sensitive Skin

As a hypo-allergenic and water soluble product, the Hold up Body Adhesive is perfect for people with sensitive skin, leaving no redness or irritation.

Manufactured and Bottled in the USA

The Hold up Body Adhesive product is produced and bottled in alignment with the strict manufacturing guidelines demanded by regulations in the United States of America, and must meet the high-quality standards of the manufacturer before leaving the factory.

So Many Uses!

Hold Up Body Adhesive is ideal for:

  • Bra & Shoestring Dress Straps
  • Stockings
  • Socks
  • Pantyhose
  • Gaping or Loose Bras, Blouses & Tops
  • Plunging Neck Lines
  • Jewellery
  • Glasses
  • And even Creeping Bathing Suits!

And Much More! 

So spend your day looking and feeling great by defying gravity like the Hollywood stars do. Get Yours Today.

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