Discounts for Bulk Orders

Save money and buy in bulk from Body Glue!

When you buy in bulk you reduce the amount of times you need to order your glue throughout the year, reducing your overall shipping costs.

Plus because you are helping out our family, we want to share a discount with you and yours by giving you a discount! You can view our discount table below for more information.

Product Discounts by Unit Quantities Per Order

Bulk discounts are applied for each transaction or order with Body Glue and are not cumulative over time.

QuantityDiscount Per Bottle
3 – 5 Bottles5% Discount
6 – 8 Bottles7.5% Discount
9 – 14 Bottles10% Discount
15 – 19 Bottles12.5% Discount
20 Bottles or More15% Discount

How do I apply my bulk order discount?

Normally bulk order discounts will be automatically calculated, applied and shown in your Shopping Cart. Occasionally we will also have Discount Specials running throughout the year using Promotion Codes.

Interested in Wholesale Prices?

Do you run a business that could benefit from offering our products to your customers? Contact us at to discuss trade prices and conditions.

Questions About our Discounts?

If you have any questions about product pricing, discounts or shipping, please contact us at